Facebook ad campaign in Louisville, Kentucky

We have distributed $5,060 in clothing, household items and computers to Darfur, Sudanese refugees in Louisville, Chicago and Seattle (check out our “Blankets, Shoes and Winter Clothing” page on our site for details and pictures).   We have also provided, free of charge, a translation service and guides for living and paying your bills in the US (click on the links above to those pages for more).   Now that we have a proven record of helping Darfuri refugees, we’re ready to ask the general Facebook public for contributions.

Since our Board and membership are made up of people who have been refugees themselves, they are better able to understand what new arrivals want and to offer them comfort and encouragement.  Our connections to the Darfuri community are strong, just check out our support on our Facebook page for proof (828 follows and counting).  All of us at DOHS are unpaid volunteers.


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