Blankets, shoes and winter clothing collection

During the weekend of April 14, 2018, DOHS sent one $30 check each to eighty three Sudanese refugee families in Texas.  Each of these fourteen families also received a list of thrift stores near them and a copy of our US guide.

At this point, our total helped for 2018 is 117 refugees.  Since we started providing this assistance in October, 2015, we have helped 205 refugees in California, Washington State, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.


In mid-April 2018, a $30 check was sent to a refugee in Michigan, along with a list of nearby thrift stores and our guide to US life.


In early April, DOHS decided to send refugees checks for clothing and blankets (one $30 check per person), along with a list of thrift stores near them and one copy of our US guide to each household, to cut down on shipping expenses.


An April 7, 2018 shipment to a family in Michigan:  a queen-sized comforter, a queen-sized blanket, six twin-sized blankets, four jackets, eight sweatshirts and a copy of our US guide.


Shipment to another refugee family in Michigan.


An April 3, 2018 shipment to a refugee in California:  a light athletic jacket, a light wool sweater, a muscle shirt, a T-shirt, two hats, a twin-sized blanket and a copy of our US guide.

A shipment to another refugee in California.


An April 2, 2018 shipment to a family in Michigan:  two jackets, two sweatshirts, two sweaters, two pairs of gloves, two scarves, one queen-sized blanket, one queen-sized comforter, one purse and one copy of our guide to US life.

A shipment to a family in Michigan.


On March 10, 2018 we sent a jacket, sweater, sweatshirt, shirt, blanket, hat and a copy of our guide to US life to a refugee in California.

We also purchased two blankets and five comforters from Goodwill.


In early March, 2018, we sent 125 lbs of clothing and blankets to a family of twelve.  Specifically, we sent them one queen-sized blanket, ten twin-sized blankets, fourteen jackets, eleven sweatshirts, four sweaters, a T-shirt, seventeen pairs of children’s pants, sixteen children’s shirts, twenty adult dress shirts, seven ties, twenty-six pairs of socks and thirteen pairs of adult pants.  About half of that came from our donated clothing supply, while the blankets, jackets and most of the sweaters and and sweatshirts.  Since there were so many members of the household who were many different ages, we sent along dress shirts and pants hoping that they would likely fit at least a few family members (ordinarily we do not send along clothing that a person would have to try on first before they accept it).  We also sent a copy of our guide to US life (you can see it on top of the pile of jackets), as well as a guide to washing wool sweaters.

125 pounds worth of clothing and blankets for a refugee family of twelve, March 2018.


We also sent 56 lbs of additional clothing to the family of eight we helped out last month.  Specifically, we sent twenty-one pairs of pants, eight children’s shirts and twenty-three dress shirts.  The family called one of our officers to let them know they were happy with the jackets and blankets we had sent them earlier.

In both shipments, delivery fees, blankets, sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets and our guide to US life were paid for by donations received during our Global Giving fundraiser in December, 2017.  Thanks, donors!  You made this possible!


On February 12, 2018 we sent off our largest shipment yet to a refugee family of eight in Michigan:  one queen-sized blanket, six twin-sized blankets, eight jackets, two purses, eight knit hats, two copies of our guide to US life and eight sweaters.  This is the first shipment we have acquired and sent off with the money from our December 2017 fundraising campaign with Global Giving.  Our thanks to all our donors!


We start off 2018 with a bang.  As of January 12, we have already acquired eleven blankets, and many sweaters and other clothing.  We will purchase jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters only if we cannot get them donated to us, and only at used clothing stores.  Below is a picture of the blankets and some of the sweaters we have gotten so far.

Some of the donations and recent purchases for our winter 2018 clothing and blanket distribution.


During the week of September 17 – 23, 2017, DOHS shipped off seven hats, ten jackets, five sweatshirts, ten sweaters, one athletic suit, nine men’s casual shirts, six dresses, one pair children’s shorts, two pair children’s undershorts, four blouses and two copies of our resettlement guide.  Both shipments are pictured below.  For the year we have now distributed $888.05 worth of clothing and computers to households in five states.  As always, everything we distributed is free of charge.

Shipment to a Darfuri refugee family in OH
And this shipment to a second Darfuri refugee family in OH was sent soon after.


On August 31 and September 7, 2017, we sent sixteen T-shirts, ten jackets, three sweatshirts, four dresses and two DOHS guides to life in the US to two groups of new arrivals in Illinois and Michigan.





Since June 2017, we have received 42 T-shirts, 30 sweaters, 31 dress shirts, 25 pieces of athletic clothing, 11 pairs of footwear, 50 dresses, 26 pairs of shorts, 25 pairs of jeans, 26 blouses, 33 pairs of men’s slacks and 2 children’s knit hats.  Special thanks to Mohammed Adam, our Vice President, and Haroun Hassan, our Assistant Treasurer, for sorting and counting these items.



On June 21, 2017, a newly arrived Darfuri family in Kansas received three large boxes from DOHS’s Louisville supply.  This shipment contained:  ten winter and cool weather coats, three queen-sized sets of sheets and pillowcases, five guides to life in the US written by three of our Board members (see the “Guides for Refugees” page on this site to read them) and two books.

Our Louisville clothing and household items supply (plus a computer) as of June 27, 2017, after the shipment to the latest new arrivals was sent.


The second refugee arrived and settled in the Louisville area on February 10, 2017, after being held over in New York City because of snow.  DOHS provided him and the man mentioned in the previous post with a desktop computer system with Windows 7 and Lynux Libre Office (which has word processor, spreadsheet, drawing, database and slide presentation programs).  These programs closely resemble those in Microsoft Office, which are used in many, many offices in the US.  So they can teach themselves basic computer use, including how to type fast and accurately.


Two jackets, two blankets, two sets of bathroom linens, two sweaters, fourteen pairs of socks, four scarves, two sheets, a first aid kit and a book were given by DOHS to a household set up for two refugees in the Louisville, Kentucky area on February 2 and 3, 2017.  Both men are originally from Darfur, Sudan and one has already arrived and settled in from Krisan refugee camp in Ghana, and will hopefully be joined soon by the other person.  DOHS is monitoring the situation, and welcomes all refugees to the United States!


Fourteen newly arrived Darfuri refugees coming to the US from eastern Chad by way of Cameroon had DOHS’s Louisville clothing supply made available to them on April 23, 2016 in the Americana Apartment neighborhood.  Bakhit Adam, a local member, and Khamis Youssif led the distribution work.  In the picture below, left to right are:  Bakhit Adam, two daughters of a refugee family of six now in Louisville, and Khamis Youssif.


The pictures below were taken a few minutes later.

IMG_20160423_143713 (2)



And this is a video of Mohammed Seyam, newly arrived in Louisville, speaking about DOHS:





Donors gave us towels, bedclothes, books, luggage, men’s slacks, jackets, dress shirts, athletic clothes, shoes, hats, belts and jeans for our Louisville clothing supply on March 24, 2016.  These will be made available to Darfuris due to arrive in Louisville later in March.  Our President (Khamiss Youssif, at left) and Vice President (Mohammed Adam,) stand with the items in the picture below.  About half of all our noncash donations (that is, all of the items pictured on this page) have come from Darfuris already settled in the US (and Mohammed Adam was one of the donors of the things received today).

March 24, 2016 donations, two





On January 31, in Louisville, DOHS received very generous donations of bed linens, blankets, comforters, women’s clothes and newborn’s clothes from two donors.  Even the newborn clothing is needed because, as you can see from previous distributions, we provide for people of all ages (just scroll to the bottom of this page for proof).  Pictured below are the donations we have received since December 16, 2015 (this includes the Jan. 31 donations and also a donation of a blanket and children’s cold weather hats received from another donor).

Jan. 31, 2016 donations picture taken Feb. 1, 2016



Zacharia (L), a newly arrived Darfuri refugee, was given four shirts, four pants, four thermal shirts, two pairs of shoes and a laptop from the DOHS clothing and home furnishing supply in Seattle, WA on January 22, 2016.  Alhadi (R), who maintains our clothing supply in this city, invited Zacharia to take what he needed from the items shown in the second picture, below (only about half of our total clothing items in Seattle pictured).

seattle donations, three

DOHS plans to get these items to new arrivals in the Seattle area soon.  Below is a picture of some of the clothes to be given away.

Seattle donations, one



For 2015, We collected and distributed free of charge $4,421 worth of clothes, blankets and other household items to forty-nine refugees from Darfur, Sudan.  These families were in Louisiville, Ky and Chicago, IL.



Here is our Secretary Abdulatif Isaac carrying donations to a family of Darfuri refugees in downtown Chicago, IL.

Secretary Abdulatif Isaac in Chicago on Dec., 19, 2015, carrying clothing to newly arrived Darfuri families.
Secretary Abdulatif Isaac in Chicago on Dec., 19, 2015, carrying clothing to newly arrived Darfuri families.

Dec. 19, 2015 Chicago part 10

Mr. Isaac, second from right, with a refugee family in Chicago.
A recipient with a donated Save Darfur sweatshirt, beginning life in the US.
A recipient with a donated Save Darfur sweatshirt, beginning life in the US.
Ahmed Ahmed with one of the children who received DOHS donations.
Ahmed Ahmed with one of the children who received DOHS donations.

Pictured above, all of the items brought up from our Louisville supply were given to four families’ worth of Darfuri refugees (nineteen people) by Abdulatif Isaac and Ahmed Ahmed in Chicago on Dec. 19, 2015.  In other words, all of the donations in the photo below were needed.

Dec. 16, 2015 Indianapolis

Pictured above, Khamiss Youssif handed off most of the Louisville clothing supply to Abdulatif Isaac (our Secretary) and Ahmed Ahmed (one of our members)  in Indianapolis, IN on Dec. 16, 2105.  Abdulatif and Ahmed then took these donations to Chicago, where they will be given to four families of Darfuri refugees.  Among the donations where eleven blankets, thirteen sheets, twenty-six pillow cases, ten mattress covers, along with shoes, jackets, dresses, pants, t-shirts, men’s dress shirts and floor mats.

Dec. 1, 2015, one

Pictured above, Khamiss Youssif and Mohammed Adam Abdullah (one of our members, pictured on the right), dropped off a generous donation of blankets and bed linens from a Louisville donor at DOHS headquarters on Dec. 1, 2015.  Some of this and earlier donations will be sent to recently arrived Darfuri refugee families in Chicago.

Nov. 26, 2015, part 10   Nov. 26, 2015, part 7

Nov. 26, 2015, part 3   Nov. 26, 2015, part 5

Pictured above, four families (nineteen people) of newly arrived Darfuris were provided with donations of clothes, shoes, jackets, bowls, dishes, cups and blankets on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 26, 2015 in Louisville, Ky.  Khamiss Youssif (who took these pictures) delivered the items to them and made sure that they got what they needed.  85% of our Louisville supply was distributed.

Nov. 19, 2015 pic with donations, 1

Pictured above, Khamiss Youssif and to his right Mohammed Adam in Louisville, KY on Nov. 19, 2015, standing with donations received from a household in Indiana several days after Khamiss collected them.  The Board will decide whether or not to send these to a family of newly arrived Darfuri refugees in Chicago.  Secertary Abdulatif Isaac, who lives in Chicago, will help distribute these items, should the Board decide to send them.

Oct. 26, 2015 donations, one

Pictured above, left to right:  Khamiss Youssif (Preisdent), Yagoub Adam Omar (newly arrived from the Darfuri refugee camps in eastern Chad) and Mohammed Adam (Vice President) pose on Oct. 26, 2015 in Louisville with clothing donations received over the weekend.

October 21, 2015 DOHS donations to families

Pictured above, newly arrived Darfuri refugees look over the selection of DOHS clothing donations on Oct. 21, 2105.  DOHS gave 75% of its Louisville clothing supply, among them blankets, sweaters and jackets, to eleven Darfuri refugees that day.  Khamiss Youssif is in the very back of the picture in the tan short sleaved shirt.


Pictured above, October 4, 2015, Louisville, Kentucky.  President Khamiss Youssif with a large donation received that day from Sunrise, an assisted living facility in town.

Sept. and Oct. 12, 2015 donations

Pictured above, donations received in September and October 2015 in Louisville, Ky.

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