Translator List

DOHS asks that you call your translator at least an hour before the time you need them to translate for you.  This will give your translator time to ask you what language you would like them to translate to and from English, and to find out what you want them to say.  All of these translators understand and speak English, Sudanese Arabic and Massalit.  The Board will be interviewing other persons so that this list can be made longer!  We have translated for 30 people in 2015 alone.

Mohammed Adam:  (410) 908-0027    Available:  Wednesdays 10 Am to 5 pm eastern time, and Fridays Noon to 2pm eastern time.

Khamiss Youssif:  (502) 592-3859    Available:  Wednesdays from noon to 4pm, eastern time.

Mohammed Abdulrahman:  (214) 881-0622    Available:  all week from 11am to 5pm, central time.

Abdulatif Isaac:  (772)  797-4866    Available:  Saturdays  8am to 5pm, central time.

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