Paypal prefers that you donate using your own Paypal account. It will only let you donate directly from your debit or credit card a few times. After that, it will tell you that it cannot process your transaction and to try again. When that happens, either set up your own Paypal account, click on our donate button and then choose the donate through Paypal option.

Or you may donate to us on our Global Giving page, here:

The Doroti Organization for Humanitarian Services, Incorporated is a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity based in the United States. Our Federal Tax ID is: 90-0644826. To find out if you should claim a deduction on a donation you gave to us, please first ask you tax advisor before donating.

If you do decide to donate to us, please provide your address to help us meet our state and city reporting requirements. Your information will not be shared with anyone outside our organization. We are only asking for donations from within the United States. If you live in another country, please donate to us on our Global Giving page.

Our goal is to provide charitable and educational support to Darfuri civilians worldwide. Thank you for your consideration!.

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