Additional Darfuri refugee arrives in Louisville, DOHS provides two refugees with computer

The second refugee arrived and settled in the Louisville area nine days ago, after being held over in New York City because of snow.  DOHS provided him and the man mentioned in the previous post with a desktop computer system with Windows 7 and Lynux Libre Office (which has word processor, spreadsheet, drawing, database and slide presentation programs).  These programs closely resemble those in Microsoft Office, which are used in many, many offices in the US.  So they can teach themselves basic computer use, including how to type fast and accurately.

The new arrival served as a nurse for five years, and immediately asked DOHS about what it takes to be a nurse in America.  He was directed to a local community college.

Thanks to all our Facebook supporters out there for making our audience 725 people strong!  Our follow/likes number has been growing steadily for months now, which is encouraging to us.  DOHS also congratulates our President, Khamiss Youssif, on moving to Southern California.  He has served in the Louisville area since arriving here from Krisan refugee camp in Ghana in 2010, helping many new arrivals from other countries in addition to Sudan.  Louisville is better for his work here!

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