Ninety-six Sudanese refugees helped by DOHS since March 13; Chad project update

After sending additional clothes, blankets and copies of our guide to US life to thirteen more refugees, by early April we decided to be more efficient.  From that point on, we would send one $30 check to each refugee, one copy of the US guide and a list of addresses of nearby thrift stores to each household.

Then we were asked to help fourteen Sudanese refugee families (eighty-three people) in Texas!  But since we were able to reduce our expenses so much by just sending checks and our US guide instead of many big boxes of clothes and blankets, we were able to help all of them!

So thanks to our donors, we have now helped 117 Sudanese refugees in the US in 2018, and we have helped 205 Sudanese refugees in the US since we started offering them clothing and blanket assistance in October, 2015.  We have reached refugees in California, Washington State, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

Chad Project Update

We have talked further with resident leaders of Djabal camp about costs of building schools there.  They have provided us with pictures and a budget of a school building they have already built.  And we have also been communicating with a contact in UNHCR and other aid workers about this project.  Hopefully we will be finalizing the details for a solid budget soon so that we may begin raising money on Global Giving.  Watch this site and also our FB page (where we now have over 1,100 followers) for updates.

A shipment to a family in Michigan.
A shipment to another refugee in California.
Shipment to another refugee family in Michigan.


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