Djabal and Farchana projects update

Djabal Camp

We have been referred to a building company by UNHCR Chad, and have been speaking with them.  Once we have enough information, we will begin raising money to build two school buildings and four bathrooms in Djabal Refugee Camp in eastern Chad.   The school buildings will have three classrooms each, and one building will have a teachers’ office.  We will also provide for the building of two bathroom buildings (two individual bathrooms per building).

Farchana Camp

We are talking with the resident leaders of Farchana about the number of widows, orphans, handicapped persons there, and also finalizing details about a plan to ensure that everyone in those groups gets shoes that actually fit them comfortably.  Once these details are agreed upon, and the board approves, we will begin raising money to provide mosquito nets, shoes, blankets, floor mats and shelter tarpaulins (probably plastic sheeting) for some of the residents of Farchana.


Money for both the Djabal and Farchana projects will be raised on the Global Giving website, once they are approved by our board.

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