Family of twelve refugees sent five boxes of clothes and blankets, other news

It was a our biggest shipment to date:

125 pounds worth of clothing and blankets for a refugee family of twelve, March 2018.

Specifically, we sent them one queen-sized blanket, ten twin-sized blankets, fourteen jackets, eleven sweatshirts, four sweaters, a T-shirt, seventeen pairs of children’s pants, sixteen children’s shirts, twenty adult dress shirts, seven ties, twenty-six pairs of socks and thirteen pairs of adult pants.  About half of that came from our donated clothing supply, while the blankets, jackets and most of the sweaters and and sweatshirts we bought with our donor’s money from Goodwill, Target and Walmart.  Since there were so many members of the household who were many different ages, we sent along dress shirts and pants hoping that they would likely fit at least a few family members (ordinarily we do not send along clothing that a person would have to try on first before they accept it).  We also sent a copy of our guide to US life (you can see it on top of the pile of jackets), as well as a guide to washing wool sweaters.


Good news from the family of eight we helped last month

They reached out to one of our officers after they received our shipment of jackets and blankets to let us know they were very happy with them.  Good news!

And early this month, we sent another fifty-six pounds of clothing in three boxes to that family of eight:  twenty-one pairs of pants, eight children’s shirts and twenty-three dress shirts.  These were all from our donated clothing supply.  Again, we sent these since there were so many people in the family of different ages, the pants and shirts would probably fit some of them.

Delivery of all shipments so far this year have been paid for with Global Giving donation money from our fundraising campaign last December.  Thank you, donors!

More Support

And late last month we were given a $100 donation from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which is charity in the US that helps children facing financial, educational and other difficulties.  The donation was meant to help us continue to help refugee children.


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