Thanks to donors, we just sent out our largest shipment ever to a family of eight

This is the first action we have taken with the money so many generous donors gave us last December.  We have sent one queen-sized blanket, six twin-sized blankets, eight jackets, eight knit hats, eight sweaters, two purses and two copies of our guide to life in the US.  A refugee family of eight in Michigan will certainly be able to use these, since winters in the northern US are still very cold.


We are also talking with residents in a refugee camp in eastern Chad, and have learned that they need blankets, mosquito nets and plastic sheeting for shelter.  After clarifying some details, we will be able to prepare a budget for the Board to consider.  If the Board approves, we will then post the project on Global Giving.


If you are a Darfuri refugee in the US who could use some extra blankets, clothes and guidance,

Or if you know someone like this,

Contact us and we may be able to send you some help.

Email us at:

Leave a voicemail at:  +1 502 544 4757

Or Instant Message us on our Facebook Page.

We will need to know your complete mailing address, the full name of the leader of your household, and the ages of all the people in your household.  We will not publish this information, except the state where you live and the number of people in your home.  But if you do not want even that published, we will keep it private.


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