DOHS prepares to aid new arrivals from Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya

A family has arrived from Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, and DOHS is preparing a welcome package of clothing and books.  We will be sending this out from our Louisville supply to the family, now resettled in Kansas.

Our Facebook publicity campaign has gained us more Louisville-based FB followers (924 likes and counting).  We plan to link up with local refugee resettlement agencies in the area so that people become more familiar with us, in addition to doing some local fundraising.

For our Muslim friends and members in Kentucky, please feel free to donate to us via our donate page on this website as the month of Ramadan draws to a close (we are only registered to ask for donations in Kentucky for the time being).  Money given to us will be used to pay for our clothing collection (shipping costs, purchasing new items people tend not to give away, like blankets).  It will also help pay for this website and possibly other programs (if we get enough money).  We try to keep expenses as low as we can, and all of us at DOHS are unpaid volunteers.  Check out the other pages on this site to get to know us and what we do.

As World Refugee Day approaches, we must remember that as of December 2015, one in every one hundred and thirteen people on the planet were displaced by violence, according UNHCR (1).  Keep a look out in the media on June 20 for an updated total of displaced, and consider donating money, time and / or household items to help out.



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