761 Homes washed out by heavy rains in Kalma camp, South Darfur State; many reported fatalities in inter-tribal fighting in South Darfur State

On July 16, torrential rains destroyed hundreds of families’ homes in Kalma, one of the largest interntally displaced person camps in the five Darfur states. UNOCHA and the International Committee of the Red Cross have taken an inventory with the 511 families who lost their homes in Center 1B, as well as with the 250 newly-arrived families living in Center 8.  The losses also include furniture, clothing and food.  A July 17 Radio Dabanga article has the details:


On July 18, two children in Kalma camp drowned in a pit that had been completely filled by the heavy rains of July 16.  The pit is normally used to supply mud for brick-making.  See this RD article for details and pictures of the flood damage:


And on July 15, Rizeigat and Habaniya fought one another, resulting in the deaths of 176 people and the total destruction of Abyad Tabaldiya village, according to RD:






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