Massive flooding in the Darfur states

From June 3 to August 6, 2015, Radio Dabanga articles have reported that heavy rains have destroyed literally hundreds of homes and flooded the following places (numbers in parenthesis indicate the reported number of homes destroyed):

Kalma (761), El Salaam, Otash, Dereig (40) camps in South Darfur.  Dar El Salaam (20) and Forika (12) camps in Geureida Locality of South Darfur.  Hamidiya, Khamsa Degaig, Teiba, Hassahissa (20 homes, 170 tents), and El Salam (416) camps in the Zalengei area of Central Darfur.  Bindissi, Garsila Deleig in Central Darfur.  Armankul (57) and Sirba camps (150 homes,12 classrooms), Soni village (20) and even the state capital of El Geneina in West Darfur.

And then one must take into account how these deluges affect those who were without shelter when all this started.  A Radio Dabanga article on 38,000 displaced in the northern Jebel Marra area paints a grim picture of what happens to such persons ( ).  Latrines destroyed.  Access to and from camps and villages limited or cut off.  Tainted water supplies and exposure to the elements increasing the risk of people getting diseases (malaria, and other diseases causing diarrhea, fever, etc). Destruction or damaging of stored food leading to increased malnutrition and possibly worse.

And then remember that all this is happening in the middle of fighting between rebels, militias and government forces, and even intertribal fighting in some places.


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