Millions in Euros donated to Darfur; UNAMID to remain at least another year

The Eurpean Union is giving an additional 4 Million Euros for aid work in Sudan.  This brings the total EU donation for 2015 to 32 Million Euros.  See related Radio Dabanga article:

UNOCHA funding for Sudan is now at the 36% mark.  Germany has given the World Food Program 2.5 M Euros for work in Darfur.  Also, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) gave a substantial amount of seeds and agricultural equipment to civilians in need of them in government-controled and other parts of Jebel Mara, which is the mountainous region in the middle of the Darfur states that has been the site of aerial bombardment and other attacks this year.  See the UNOCHA Humanitarian Bulletin for July 6 – 12:

UNAMID, the African Union and UN peacekeeping force in Darfur has had its mandate renewed by the UN Security Council Resolution 2228 on June 29, which allows it to operate in the Darfur states of Sudan for another year.  Several days later, on July 15, they have already had to defend themselves:  UNAMID soldiers returning from escorting a World Food Program convoy were fired upon by unknown gunmen northwest of Kutum, North Darfur State.  The peacekeepers returned fire and drove the attackers away.  See:

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