DOHS welcomes new Darfuri refugee arrivals from eastern Chad!

All of us, from the Board to the members to the communtiy we serve and that has helped us, welcome each and every one of you to the United States!

Check out our Facebook page.  There’s a link to it on this website.  Just go to the “Who We Are” part of our main menu above, and then click on the link.  At last count, we had 167 likes, many of them from Darfuris like you making it work in the USA!  A great place to find friends again, or make new ones.  We welcome all Darfuri civilians, of all tribes.

What are we doing for you?  Click on the “What We Do” portion of our main menu above, and read about the four projects currently underway.  Mohammed Adam, our Vice President is leading efforts to collect blankets, shoes and winter clothes for you (it doesn’t get cold here until September at the earliest, so there’s time).  Abdulatif Isaak is in charge of creating a book that helps teach you about how to live in the US; it is being written in Arabic, English and Massalit, with other languages a possibility later on.  We also have list of phone numbers for people you can call to translate for you.  And we plan on donating money to US aid groups working overseas, and hope to work overseas ourselves some day.

Also, tell your friends that it is probably easier to find us if you do a Google search, since we are not as established with Bing.



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