November 28: Link to our fundraising page on Global Giving website will be posted here

We’re gathering lists of prospective donors, preparing for a membership conference call, posting on our Facebook page and letting you know about it here as well:  Tuesday November 28, our fundraiser will begin!  That is when Global Giving will allow donors to give money to us.  This fundraising period will last from November 28 through December 31.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 in that time.  It will be used to buy and distribute winter clothing, blankets and our guide to life in the US to Darfuri refugees in America.

Why aren’t we raising money to help people in the refugee camps in Chad and the IDP camps in Darfur?  Our board, particularly our Treasurer, Mohammed Abdulrahman, is planning a Chad project.  And all of them have always wanted to work in Darfur itself.  But we never had a way to raise money outside of the US State of Kentucky until we discovered Global Giving.  US law requires that before you accept a donation from someone, you must first be registered in that person’s state and city.  We would only have time to register in maybe ten of the fifty US states, and that does not include all of the city governments we would also have to register with.

But because Global Giving confirms our status before letting us raise money on our page, we can accept money from all over the world….as long as the donation is done on our Global Giving project page.

And Global Giving will let us raise money for more than one project, even up to a million US dollars.  But first they require that we raise $5,000 from at least forty donors between November 28 and December 31.

We did not have time before November 28 to register with the US, Chadian or Sudanese governments to work overseas.  So we decided to make our goal as easy as possible:  the lowest amount of money for something we already are set up to do.  But if we make that goal, we can expand to overseas work, thanks to donors all over the world whom Global Giving has enabled us to reach.


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