DOHS approved by Global Giving to raise money worldwide online

Just received approval from the famous online crowdsource fundraiser, Global Giving, for our fundraising project for winter clothes and guides to life in the US.   From November 28 through December 31, 2017, DOHS will have a page on the Global Giving website where anyone in the world may donate to fund this project.  We ask for $5,000 to pay for assisting over 450 newly arrived Darfuri refugees.  And as you can see from what we have done already, we are already pretty good at it.

If we meet this goal of $5,000 within that five week timeframe, we will be made permanent members of the Global Giving network.  That will mean posting as many fundraising projects on the GG website as we want, and being able to go as high as $1M in donations.  So all of you out there, if you are able to donate online, your help will be much appreciated!  Starting November 28, we will be asking for it!



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