Seven months into the year, UNOCHA’s Humanitarian Response Plan is only 22.5% funded

That is, as of July, only 214 million of the requested 952 million US dollars has been received (1).   That money is intended to help 4.6 million Sudanese this year (2).

It’s been confirmed that just under 81,000 people in 2016 have been driven from their homes in Darfur this year, with another 170,000 reported to have been displaced (50,000 of these have allegedly returned to their homes) (1).  Most of this homelessness was caused by the fighting in the Jebel Marra region (1), which still goes on (3).

Flooding is already severe, with about 42,850 affected nationwide (1), with Nile and tributary rivers already approaching dangerously high levels in a flooding season predicted to be especially severe (4).  The rainy season typically lasts from June to September/October.

And most of the 89,300 South Sudanese refugees arriving in Sudan this year have settled in East Darfur (54,987), South Darfur (5,599) and North Darfur (1969) (1).  About six thousand of them are currently living without shelter in Abu Sinaidira near East Darfur capital Ed Daein; 79% of these homeless are children (1).


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