Guide for refugees in the US: How to manage your money

Here is the English version of the guide, written by our Vice President, Mohammed Adam.  We will post Arabic and Massalit versions soon.  And we will post translations in other Darfuri languages as soon as possible.  So if you know anyone who can translate English into Fur, Zaghawa or one of the other languages, please contact us.

The financial guide reminds refugees that the financial assistance they get when they first arrive in the US only lasts a few months, and that once the assistance time is over they must pay all of their own expenses.  The guide then describes about how much rent, heat, food and other bills cost, and how to plan to pay for them.  It also talks about how save for even long term things, like a car or house. It also introduces refugees to debit cards, credit cards and checks.

The guide is six pages long.  To get to the next page, move your cursor onto the page you are reading, then move it down to the bottom and click on the forward arrow.



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