Four guides to life in the US written by our members for new Darfuri arrivals

Many Darfuris cannot read or write in any language, and new arrivals to the US need guides to learn how to become independent here.  So DOHS has planned a series of short guides to life in the US that will be available online on video and also in print.  Since the Board and membership are all Darfuri Sudanese in the US, many of whom are now US citizens, they know exactly how to prepare these short teachings about literacy and daily life for refugees.

The first four of these guides about how to be good neighbors, how to use public transportation, how to pay bills (groceries, utilities, rent, etc) and how to be a good employee and coworker are being edited now.  They are in English, Arabic and Massalit, but we hope to find translators for other Darfuri tribal languages so that more may use these guides.

Once the editing is finished and the Board has approved them, these books will be printed up and mailed to new arrivals in the US.  DOHS will also make video presentations based on each of these guides, and post them on this website, and also on Youtube, as well as our Facebook page.

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