DOHS receives 301 pieces of clothing and reaches out to more new arrivals

Since our last post, we have received 42 T-shirts, 30 sweaters, 31 dress shirts, 25 pieces of athletic clothing, 11 pairs of footwear, 50 dresses, 26 pairs of shorts, 25 pairs of jeans, 26 blouses, 33 pairs of men’s slacks and 2 children’s knit hats.  Special thanks to Mohammed Adam, our Vice President, and Haroun Hassan, our Assistant Treasurer, for sorting and counting these items.

We are also monitoring resettlement information published by the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration to help locate newly arrived Sudanese refugees, and have already reached out to some in a few different states.  Our thanks to Haroun Hassan and the rest of the Board for their work on this.


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