Flooding a danger as the rainy season begins: three camps report storms have collapsed shelters and latrines

Dabanga reports today that Garsila, Deleig and Bindisi camp residents have also seen their food stores rot because of the lack of shelter.  Article may be found here:


The rainy season in Sudan runs from about May to October, with the heaviest rains running from about June to September.  Storms wiping out shelters, latrines and flooding roads lead to frequent reports of homelessness, unsanitary conditions and even drownings, in addition to inaccessibility.  These things then cause huge numbers of people to get sick, from exposure, unsanitary drinking water, malnutrition and other sick people.  When such weather happens to 2.5 million displaced people, many of whom live in shelters of tarp covering thin trees and branches bent into a frame, it does not take much to destroy what little stability they have.   How many go through this?   UNOCHA says that 257,000 people in fifteen states in Sudan were affected by heavy rainfall as of July 2014; see this Humanitarian Snapshot map detailing things as of April 30, 2015 for more:


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