Violence in Mouli village displaces about a thousand to El Geneina, West Darfur; war in Jebel Marra displaces hundreds

After the village of Mouli was attacked and looted on January 9 by militiamen (with five villagers and three militiamen killed) (1), approximately one thousand villagers went to the state capital a few miles to the north, El Geneina (2).  On January 10 they were joined by residents of El Geneina in front of the governor’s office to protest insecurity in the area, the protests turned violent and at least twelve people were killed(1,2).  The following day it was reported to the UN that the thousand villagers had moved to the Abu Zar Internally Displaced Persons camp in El Geneina, with more on the way from Mouli (2).

For some time now people from Central Darfur State, Darfuris returning from Central African Republic and refugees from CAR have been In the South Darfur areas of Rahad el Berdi and Um Dafug, putting strain on the original households there (2).  On January 10 aid groups estimated that 73,000 people were in need of water, health and sanitation assistance.  The International Office for Migration plans to confirm this estimate; aid groups will then plan how to help (ibid.).

Hundreds more civilians in the Jebel Marra region have reportedly been driven from their villages due to fighting between the rebels, the government and government-allied militias, taking refuge in the mountains after several villages were attacked.  Witnesses report that civilians have been killed (3).

Dengue fever, a virus spread by mosquitoes that can sometimes cause haemorrhagic symptons, may be stabilizing in Darfur, which is the part of Sudan reporting the most cases and deaths since the outbreak started late last August.  UNOCHA also reports that the residents of Bindisi displaced camp who were driven out by attacks by nomads late last month have returned.

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