UNICEF: Sudan one of “the worst children’s emergencies in the world.”

In January and February of this year, UNICEF was only able to help 18,000 children with severe acute malnutrition, out of about 1.8 million children estimated to have this condition.  Measles is now officially an epidemic in thirteen of Sudan’s eighteen states, with 1,120 cases confirmed nationwide.  The agency reacted to the problem by preparing to carry out a vaccination effort for children between nine months and fifteen years old across the country with 9.6 million doses of vaccine.

Because of workloads like this, UNICEF has its own Humanitarian Response Plan budget and, like UNOCHA’s, it is badly underfunded:  only $14.6 million out of the needed $116.9 billion has been raised.  You can read about all this yourself in the agency’s report for March here:



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