Displaced in Adila, Abu Karinka and North Jebel Mara localities among the worst in need: UNOCHA

34,000 displaced persons in North Jebel Mara Locality, Central Darfur State cannot be reached by aid groups due to insecurity and the restrictions of local authorities.  And another 6,200 in East Darfur State’s Adila and Abu Karninka Localities need emergency shelter (plastic sheeting or if they are even more lucky a ready-made tent), household supplies (jerry cans, mosquito nets, cups, jugs), education and health services as of April 1, according to the World Food Program.

UNOCHA has now received 17% of its requested funding for the year.


And on April 14 a gold mine collapsed in Jebel ‘Amer in El Sareif Beni Hussein Locality, North Darfur State.  On April 19 rescue work was called off because of dangerous conditions, after only two miners were rescued and the bodies of forty others were recovered.  It is estimated that over eighty people were trapped in the collapse.


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