Three motivational guides from Mohammed Abdulrahman, our Treasurer

See below for his guides to goal-setting, education and becoming more confident.  If you want to learn how he has applied this advice, read his biography in the Our Board page of this website.  He is a successful businessman and is also taking college classes on automotive technology.

When you are reading any of these guides and you want to get to the next page, move your cursor onto the page you are reading, then move it down to the bottom and click on the forward arrow.


The first document is a four page outline about the first step of getting yourself organized.

Goals and plans, Mohammed Adulrahman's guide, revised by PN, Dec. 23, 2016



And this three page list urges you to get education to learn a marketable skill.




And here Mohammed writes about believing in yourself in a practical way.  This is a nine page slideshow document.

HOW TO BE CONFIDENT MOHAMED, revised by PN Dec. 23, 2016



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