In 2016 so far, about 150,000 have been driven away by Jebel Marra violence, and 70,694 South Sudanese refugees have arrived in Sudan

About 150,307 persons have reportedly been driven from their homes in the Jebel Marra region, which is in and around the area where North, Central and South Darfur States meet.  The UN Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) has been able to establish direct flights from the North Darfur state capital of El Fasher to Sortony (one of the largest camps for the Jebel Marra displaced), but the UN has not been able to verify or assess Jebel Marra displaced in Central Darfur State.  And reports of ongoing violence against civilians continue.

70,694 South Sudanese have sought shelter in Sudan so far this year, particularly in East and South Darfur States (which have received 52,247 people).  Funding for meeting these persons’ needs is sorely wanting (only 13% of the estimated $141.2 million needed for helping them had been received as of May 26, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs).

See the UNOCHA Sudan Humanitarian Bulletin for May 30 to June 5 for more:

Click to access OCHA_Sudan_Weekly_Humanitarian_Bulletin_Issue_23_%2830_May_-_5_June_2016%29.pdf



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