UNOCHA weekly bulletin: Majority of Sudan’s most food insecure people are in the Jebel Mara area of Darfur

That is to say, the majority of Sudanese who are in situations in which they either do without food and suffer abnormally high malnutrition rates or can meet minimum food needs only by an increasing number of sacrifices that will put them at risk of going without food later.  This is the Crisis level food insecurity (level 3, orange) according to the Famine Early Warning System Network (  ).

In North Darfur State, a whooping cough outbreak has been reported in El Sireaf Locality, and Global Acute Malnutrition levels among children 6 to 59 months in Kutum Locality are at emergency levels (Global Acute Malnutrition totals combine children diagnosed with both Moderate and Severe Acute Malnutrition, and are considered to be an indicator for the entire community, with emergency levels being anything over 14% of the population).

34% of Sudan’s internally displaced population live in South Darfur State.  World Vision gave out monthly food rations to people driven to Dereige camp by intertribal fighting in Tullus, and UNICEF reports that all nutrition centers in South Darfur have so far treated 18,953 out of the 45,175 children diagnosed with Severe Acute Malnutrition in the state.  3,300 Mosey camp residents have suffered a drastic lack of access to water due to broken pumps which UNICEF and the government’s Water and Sanitation department plan to fix.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reports that as of early October, their requested Sudan budget is 49% funded, and that there have been 223,000 displaced in the five Darfur states in 2015, which brings the total number of displaced there to about 2,723,000 people.

El Nino has disrupted Sudan’s rain cycle to the point that many crops have been planted in September, which is usually the start of the harvest season.

For more, see the UNOCHA bulletin for October 5 through 11, 2015 at:



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