Take a walk through a displaced persons’ camp in Darfur

As you watch this video, made earlier this year by one of our members during a visit to the region, you’ll notice that all of the nearby structures are wooden branch frames, with some having covering such as sheets or thatch on them already.  Everyone proceeds calmly with building these shelters or walking around them, even though they are very close together; you get the impression everyone has had to build such shelters at least a few times before.  There is no plumbing, drainage ditches, pavement or motor vehicles (apart from one motorcycle).  There are burn marks on the ground.  Nobody seems to have more than they can carry.

West Darfur video, two minutes forty-two seconds

This second video shows completed shelters on unpaved ground.

Video of a Street in a camp, West Darfur, one minute 31 seconds

And many people in Darfur do not even have shelter.


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