Over 500,000 displaced by fighting in Darfur in since February 2014

This figure is similar to the number of people driven from their homes by figthing during the first peak of the war in Darfur (2003 – 2005), according to a statement yesterday from Human Rights Watch, which cites UN figures for the region:


This is even more disturbing when one takes into account that UNOCHA’s Humanitarian Response plan for Sudan is only 31% funded at what is now nearly the halfway point of the year:


To broaden the context still further, UNICEF –the UN agency focusing on aiding children– has reported that unless it gets more money before the end of June, it will no longer be able to assist South Sudanese refugee children in Sudan (some 94,620 kids who have been driven north by a brutal civil war raging in South Sudan since December, 2013).  It further states that its 2015 Humanitarian budget is only 16% funded:



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