UNOCHA HRP plan 26% funded; 50,605 Darfuris confirmed displaced in 2015; conflict and unreliable access to food affect millions of Sudanese

UNOCHA’s Humanitarian Response Plan helps the UN, aid groups and the Sudanese government decide where and how much to fund various aid projects.  According to this Dabanga article, conflict and food insecurity remain immense problems in Sudan (the World Food Programme plans to help 3.7 million across Sudan in 2015 via food aid and other means):

And as of April 30, UNOCHA reports a confirmed figure of 50,605 persons being displaced in Darfur so far this year, with another 143,102 unconfirmed.  As can be seen on this map, most of the displacement took place in Central and North Darfur States:

The Famine Early Warning System Network predicts that from April to September, people in much of North Darfur State and a few places in the other four Darfur states will be facing stressed food levels (20% or more minimally ok, but unable to get some non-food essentials).  Report emphasizes that without aid support, these households could slip into the crisis level (20% or more do without food and suffer above normal acute malnutrition, or can only meet needs by unsustainable means).  FEWS NET also predicts that the people in the Jebel Mara area will be suffering crisis level conditions during this time.  Some areas of particular concern are Tawila, Nertiti and Western Jebel Mara Localities which are all in or near the Jebel Mara area.  Report may be found here:


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