Malnutrition and low supplies of drinking water for hundreds of displaced persons in Jebel Marra

The villages of Numira, Dali, Massalit, Dolma, Sharafa and Humeida are reported in a March 27 Dabanga article as not having enough drinking water.  The same article goes on to report that 3,000 people in Wadi Barkroi and 201 families in Wadi Ashara suffer from malnutrition and vulnerability to disease.  Article may be found here:

Government forces and militias led a brutal offensive against rebels in the Jebel Marra area last January, displacing tens of thousands of persons.  But it must be noted that such mass displacements have not been limited to the Jebel Marra portion of Darfur.  In late winter 2014, tens of thousands were displaced by attacks on  over one hundred villages in South Darfur and North Darfur, to name just one recent example.

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