Scores of displaced families living without shelter for weeks in Shaddad camp, North Darfur State

Jebel Marra is a mountainous area in the middle of the five state region of Darfur, and like the rest of region south of Wadi Howar, is populated with many villages.  Government and militia attacks in this area (allegedly to attack rebel forces) have driven many families to camps such as Shaddad near the town of Shangil Tobaya.  SUDO UK on March 22 reports that not only have more than 180 families lived there without shelter for the last twenty days, no government or UN agency had visited them (one NGO had).  And on March 22, two hundred more people arrived, mostly women, elderly and children from the Dobo Al-Madrassa village, where they were prohibited from taking food they’d raised or anything else of theirs.  Go to this web address to read the full article:

SUDO UK is a charity based in the United Kingdom established to support the Sudan Social Development Organization in Sudan.  Its website:

UN has only gotten 4% of it’s $1.04 Billion 2015 budget for Sudan

This was reported in the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs’ Humanitarian Bulletin for March 9 -15.  It also reports that there are 3.1 million displaced people in the country (2.5 million of these are in the western part of Sudan, aka Darfur).  It also gives you an idea of what the UN and partner organizations have to do for large numbers of displaced people.  Check it out, it’s only four pages long:

Board of Directors biographies are on the way!

We now have set up the basic parts of this site.  Over the coming days we will be adding information about the Board of Directors of DOHS, plus some other writing about life in Darfur and the US.  We are also happy to report that work is going well on our first literacy book, that our translator list has been around for months and that we are talking with an NGO about funding their work overseas.

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