Doroti Organization distributes 1000 sandwiches to 500 Kerending displaced

On January 19, 2021, our Treasurer spent $300 US on 1000 sandwiches for about 500 people displaced by the attack on the Kerending camps over the last few days. Radio Dabanga reports 90,000 have been displaced and 159 killed by the attack on the greater El Geneina area (1).

We have several hundred more dollars to spend to help people here, but to go beyond that we will need your help.  As video and pictures of our work in June 2020 and yesterday in El Geneina prove, when you give to us, it goes right to the people who need it.  Please consider donating to us either on the donation page for this website you are on now or through our Global Giving page  (“Urgent aid for El Geneina area, West Darfur, Sudan” (project # 44449):



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