Displaced population in Darfur now about the same as the 2010 population of Chicago, Illinois; UNOCHA: Over 96,000 people driven from their homes in Jebel Marra

Jebel Marra is the name of a collection of volcanic mountains reaching up to 9,980 feet in the middle of the Darfur region (1), specifically between Zalengei in Central Darfur, Kutum in North Darfur and Kass in South Darfur (2); it has caves and many valleys and is the stronghold of the rebel group known as the Sudan Liberation Army-Abdel Wahid.

On January 15, fighting between the government and its allied militias and the SLA-AW rebels greatly increased, and as of now (March 3) still rages on (3).  92,378 of the 96,000 people mentioned above were in North Darfur State camps and towns (2,285 in Kebkabiya, 62,192 in Sortony, 27,453 in Tawila, 448 in Shangil Tobaya) as of February 28 (4).  Despite aid agencies not being allowed into the Jebel Marra portion of Central Darfur, aid groups have been able to count 3,350 displaced people there; the true number of displaced in this state is expected to be much higher (ibid.).  South Darfur State has 1,000 displaced people in the Kass area (ibid.).

UNOCHA has stated that the total number of displaced people in Darfur as of December 2015 was 2.6 million (4).  Add the 96,000 displaced from Jebel Marra since then, and you have about the same number of people as lived in Chicago, Illinois in 2010 (which the 2010 census listed as having 2,695,598 people) (5).  And this is not taking into account people elsewhere in the five Darfur states who have been driven from their homes this year by violence.

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Scores of displaced families living without shelter for weeks in Shaddad camp, North Darfur State

Jebel Marra is a mountainous area in the middle of the five state region of Darfur, and like the rest of region south of Wadi Howar, is populated with many villages.  Government and militia attacks in this area (allegedly to attack rebel forces) have driven many families to camps such as Shaddad near the town of Shangil Tobaya.  SUDO UK on March 22 reports that not only have more than 180 families lived there without shelter for the last twenty days, no government or UN agency had visited them (one NGO had).  And on March 22, two hundred more people arrived, mostly women, elderly and children from the Dobo Al-Madrassa village, where they were prohibited from taking food they’d raised or anything else of theirs.  Go to this web address to read the full article:


SUDO UK is a charity based in the United Kingdom established to support the Sudan Social Development Organization in Sudan.  Its website:


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