$314.50 worth of clothes sent to two Darfuri refugee households in Ohio

Over the past week, DOHS shipped off seven hats, ten jackets, five sweatshirts, ten sweaters, one athletic suit, nine men’s casual shirts, six dresses, one pair children’s shorts, two pair children’s undershorts, four blouses and two resettlement guides.  For the year we have now distributed $888.05 worth of clothing and computers to households in five states.  As always, everything we distributed is free of charge.

Shipment to another Darfuri refugee family in OH

We have also handled some phone translation requests recently.


Arabic Translation of DOHS Guide to household budgeting now available, other news

First of all, we have recently reached 1,000 followers on Facebook, so thanks to all of you who are still interested in us!   Secondly, we have distributed $565.55 in clothing and computers to households in Kentucky, Illinois, Kansas and Michigan so far this year.  Thirdly, we have sent English language copies of our guides to life in the US to households in New York, Nebraska, Illinois, Michigan and Kansas.

And that brings us to our big announcement for the day, the publication of the Arabic translation of our guide to household money management in the US, originally written by our Vice-President, Mohammed Adam.  A copy of this has already been sent to new arrivals in Michigan, who come to the US from a refugee camp in Chad.

Here is a pdf copy of the translated guide.  It is five pages long.  To move to the next page, move your cursor onto the page you are reading, then move down to the bottom of the page and choose whether you want to go to the next page or the previous one:

Arabic translation of Financial Guide by Mohammed Adam Abdallah
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